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Sustainable & Responsible Investment (SRI) thematic strategies

Living better – an increasingly widespread theme

Today, we are becoming more aware of the necessity of improving the quality of the environment and the well-being of populations.
We adopt good habits in our daily lives and, sometimes, we feel the desire to go further. It is also possible to have a positive impact through investment.

How can we act differently to promote better living through investment?

Investment has the power to promote and generate positive impact. BNPP AM’s thematic funds offer a selection of companies, activities, products and services relating to the protection of the environment and/or social well-being. Because they offer concrete solutions for sustainable development, these activities enable us to find positive impact solutions that can also benefit from attractive growth prospects. Changes in the valuation of SRI sub-funds have shown that integrating social and environmental factors into our decisions enable us to avoid a certain number of risks without negatively affecting potential return.

BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) offers a range of SRI thematic strategies that enable the investor to act according to his or her choices, focusing on themes that we find to be priorities:

  • the fight against climate change, renewable energies and the reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • water management: improving the processing and distribution of quality water for as many people as possible, saving water during transport and in agricultural production, limiting the pollution of groundwater;
  • sustainable food: responsible agricultural production, reducing pollution, promoting quality nutrition;
  • the environment: a low-carbon economy, less waste, improved water conservation, more ecological agriculture;
  • human development: quality nutrition, drinking water, basic hygiene conditions, basic healthcare at acceptable prices, education and training, ageing well.
Committed to SRI since 1997, BNP Paribas Asset Management manages €35 billion SRI assets (at 31/12/2017), across a comprehensive range of asset classes. Our SRI portfolios include “Best-in-Class” strategies focusing on investments in issuers that we consider the best positioned in each sector in terms of their environmental, social and governance practices, and strategic investment themes enabling clients to invest in companies whose activities relate to specific social and environmental themes and whose financial potential seems promising to us. Moreover, BNPP AM applies Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria to all of its open-ended funds.