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Climate change, a major challenge that harbours opportunities


There is no longer any doubt about climate change and the fact that its effects are likely to change our lives radically. At the same time, the population is growing and becoming increasingly urban, pollution is rising and fossil resources are being depleted. The wake-up call has now been heard far and wide and has triggered a sense of urgency around the need to create a low-carbon economy, develop renewable energies and adapt to climate change.

For climatologist Jean Jouzel*, there are already some promising technological solutions out there and others are being developed, but things need to move faster. He believes the goal of obtaining 50% of energy from renewables can be reached. “A post-oil world, where we do better with less, would probably be just as appealing. Creating a different kind of development is exhilarating! It means innovations, jobs… We need to inspire hope and ambitions.” Raising the capital required to take these developments forward is part of the equation.

Climate-related issues expected to trigger economic growth:

The energy transition, in the broadest sense, will create opportunities for exceptional growth in several sectors:

  • Technical management of the energy transition
  • Saving and purifying water
  • Sustainable agriculture and healthy food
  • Recycling and waste reduction

Our investments go to businesses that put forward concrete solutions. We are interested in two types of business

  • Those that contribute directly to the reduction in CO2 emissions by encouraging development of renewable energies (solar, wind and hydropower). They account for the largest share of our investments.
  • Those that provide solutions for adapting to climate change.

Source: Journal du Dimanche, 8 August 2017

Did you know?

2°C is the limit to which the potential COP 21 (21st Conference of the Parties) Agreement hopes to contain the increase in global warming.

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